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May 31, 2018

Highlands Ho'olaule'a 2018 "...and Family Means No One Gets Left Behind!"

This year's Highlands Ho’olaule’a 2018 was by far the most beautiful and most exciting of them all!  Imagine all of the beautiful tropical flowers, plants, and energy in every direction while feeling the vibration of all the roars and cheers from the crowd for the dances and the performances... I bet you’d want to get up there and dance too!!!  All of our Highlands performers did amazing jobs and we couldn’t be more proud of them! After that, the highlight of the big show was the Pearl City High School Polynesian Club -- our alumni come back to us to perform to show how far they’ve come since leaving Highlands Intermediate. I'm pretty sure they also came down to see their favorite teachers and enjoy the entire scenery and positive and good vibes on this sunny and beautiful day!  In all, we couldn’t think of a better way to wrap the 2017-18 school year than this -- a hui hou, Class of 2022!!! Caleb, Athletics Committee

Farewell Assembly 2018 "Ohana Means Family..."

The Farewell Assembly 2018 "Ohana Means Family..." was held on the last day of school in the Gym, celebrating the current school year and recognizing the beginning of summer! The entire Gym showcased the Lilo and Stitch theme mixed with tropical foliage and Hawaiiana. The assembly started off with the anthems, both sung by HIS StuCo members!  We also honored every Intramural Champion as well as awarded the HIS Spirit Cup to 2017-18 HIS Spirit Competition winners -- Team Hui Mana'o! The HIS Cheer Squad then hyped the students up with an awesome performance, getting them ready for the rest of he fun-filled day. The Highlands Teacher All-Stars, led by Mrs. Shirafuji, followed with electrifying performance honoring all of the teachers who will be retiring or moving on. Lastly, Gensen Rabacal performed original songs on his ukulele, ending with Ian Navasca, a former Highlands student, and his dance crew closing the Farewell Assembly. The Farewell Assembly was packed with amazing performances and memories of which the students will never, ever forget.  Jenna, Assembly Committee Chair

Farewell Dance 2018 "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride"

“Ohana means family, and family means that nobody gets left behind”. The entire Highlands ohana celebrated their last day of school with our Farewell Dance 2018 at the Gym. Our theme was Disney’s Lilo and Stitch “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!” and we decked out the entire Gym head-to-toe in tropical Lilo and Stitch decor! The event also included incredible DJ and emcee from Treasure Box Studios, who also danced and interacted with the crowd the whole entire time! Endless food, drinks, and hype was evident all throughout the activity! Students were cheerful despite the End being so near…. they spent these last moments with their best friends and teachers alike! The 2017 - 18 school year for Highlands Intermediate will forever be remembered for all of the unique memories that started way back in August at the start of school til now. Thank you to everyone for making this school year happen, and may the future be a giant roller coaster ride of good times and even more good times!  Samantha, Dance Committee Co-Chair

8th Grade Walk 2018

The last day of the 2017-18 school year was certainly a very bittersweet for all of the students at Highlands Intermediate. Our Farewell Activities such as the Farewell Assembly and the Highlands Ho'olaule'a brought the gravity of the situation upon us all, that this was indeed our final day as either an 8th Grader or a 7th Grader at Highlands Intermediate. But what surely will be remembered the most to the 8th Graders is the 8th Grade Walk! Held on the last day of school, May 31st, 2018, the 8th Graders all came together at the basketball courts to have one final walk around the campus. After a couple of speeches from our very own student council members, Jenna and Olivia, and Mr. White, the Highlands Student Council linked their arms together, side by side to lead the walk in our last hours of being a middle schooler. Passing A Building beside Mr. Mumaw's room and Mr. Arios’, the hall of B Building, and finally the main hallway where students were greeted with their favorite teachers and security guards giving out high fives and lollipops. The 8th Grade Walk finally ended by rounding back to the gym with the 7th Graders right outside the gym to congratulate and cheer on the class of 2022!!! The 8th Graders reminisced about all the memories that were made over the 2 years in Highlands Intermediate, even bringing many students to tears... This year was certainly one to remember and will never be forgotten, just like Ohana. "Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten..."  Amaia, 8th Grade Secretary