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September 15, 2017

Cafeteria Lunch Count Spirit Competition 2017

Whoop whoop! We did it, Highlands! Cafeteria Lunch Count Spirit Competition 2017 is now complete, spirit points were given, and there was a winner declared! Starting from August 28, and ending three weeks later on September 15, the entire school was encouraged to eat school lunch in the cafeteria to support our lunch crew, and expand our food options, by tallying the number of team lanyards being worn by students in the cafe during recess and lunchtime over a span of 3 weeks. The team that came to the cafe to eat school lunch the most was team Laule'a "The Flash", winning 129 spirit points! Congratulations to everyone for supporting our cafeteria, and we still encourage you to eat our at the Cafeteria throughout the school year! Jenna, Assembly Committee Chair

September 13, 2017

Highlands Leadership Workshop 2017

Tower Building, Paper Chains, activities big and small -- all full of fun, fun, fun! Highlands LeadershipWorkshop 2017 was a total success!!! From presentations to games, everyone had tons of learning fun with Mr.White, Mrs.Colmanares, Mr. Nomura, and Mrs. Blaney! All had something to offer to the Homeroom Representatives and the Highlands Student Council. Mrs. Blaney and Mr. Nomura challenged us to work as a team to complete some rigorous challenges, while Mrs.Colmanares and Mr.White provided us information to help us learn and grow as a whole to help the students have a voice at our school. It was an amazing, informative day that will help us make Highlands a better place to live and learn.  It kind of makes me wonder what will be in store for next year's Highlands Leadership Workshop..... Aubrey, StuCo Historian

September 9, 2017

StuCo Bonding: Hawaii Escape Challenge!

Ready...Set...Escape! Have you ever been stuck in a situation and had to work with other people to fix it?  Well on Saturday, September 9th the HIghlands Student Council experienced the Hawaii Escape Challenge at Pearlridge Uptown for themselves!!  Everyone had to work together to find out how to get out of their rooms within the time limit of 1 hour!  We got to choose from 3 different escape rooms: The Diamond Heist, The Virus, and the Nuclear Launch! There were 3 separate rooms we needed to figure out how to get into and out of.  Each room was filled with dozens of different puzzles we needed to solve in order to find other clues, riddles and even secret passageways and rooms!  Even though we didn’t make it out in time -- we were only a puzzle and a half away from making it out successfully -- we still had an amazing time and it was an awesome team bonding experience!!  We learned how to work together in stressful times, and under time limits, how everyone reacts to harrowing situations, who takes more of the leadership role when we have a time limit to work on something, and that communication is the most important part of a team…  Would you ever like to try an escape room with your friends and family?  Do you think you’d be able to make it out in time?!? I can’t wait to see what other fun and adventurous team bonding field trips we’ll get to go on next!!!  Skyla, Student Government Vice-President

August 25, 2017

Student Activities Fair 2017

The student activities fair was an event to remember!  All club advisors set up shop in the cafeteria to display the colorful array of clubs and extracurricular activities Highlands has to offer.  Many of the clubs are old favorites like Robotics, Chess Club, and Latin Dance Club.  Other clubs were just started this year like the Be-You-Tiful Club, Healthy Cooking Club, and the Box Ukulele Club.  Many others were started by students just like you!  Some examples of student-created clubs are the Yu-Gi-Oh Club, Anime Club, and the J Pop/ K Pop Club.  This event gave students a chance to find a place in school where they can have fun with others who have the same interests.  So whatever your interest may be you can always find a club for it at Highlands Intermediate! Danni Neyer, 8th Grade Class Vice-President     

August 17, 2017

Welcome Back Assembly 2017 "Justice League Unite!"

When you were younger have you ever imagined yourself being one of those super cool heros in movies and tv shows??  Well, now you can!  This year’s Welcome Back Assembly 2017 “Highlands Unite!”, you all were able to be the heroes of the school!  This year, the Highlands Student Council members transformed the gym into Superman’s Metropolis and heroes from near and far gathered for exciting entertainment and games!  I know the 8th graders didn’t get to see the WBA last year, but I definitely think that this was an awesome experience and it made up for what we missed last year!  With our awesome DJ, Jadee, pumping up the audience with fun songs, we had tons of games and activities going on like the Wonder Woman Lasso Relay, The Flash Tic-Tac-Toe Relay Race, Aquaman Relay Race, Superman’s Frozen T-Shirt Contest for the teachers and a lot more...  We even had special guests, 808 Viral to show us that we can all be local kine super heroes!!!  After all of the events, it appears Team Laulea has taken the lead with the most amount of spirit points!  I wonder, though, if they will stay in the lead forever or if another team’s gonna steal the first place spot?!?!  The WBA 17 was an awesome way to kick off the 2017-18 school year and it makes me wonder what other amazing events we’ll have throughout the year....  Skyla, SG Vice President