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November 25, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Hey, fellow wizards and witches! Random Acts of Kindness Week is here early...RAKW shouldn't be about just the unexpected surprises or the spirit points. RAKW is about giving and sharing heartfelt experiences and memories that hopefully last the whole year long. So, let's continue to be kind to everyone throughout the year and I promise it'll be the most magical year… Lacey, StuCo Historian

November 23, 2016

Highlands Quidditch Cup

In the magical world of Harry Potter, there is a competitive sport that is played amongst the four great Houses at Hogwarts -- it’s called Quidditch! And at long last, we can call it our  very own here at Highlands, played amongst our seven great Teams! We may not be able to fly but we can sure run fast! The inaugural Highlands Quidditch Cup went down in the Gym right after our annual Highlands Hunger Games. Each Quidditch team had a Beater, a Keeper, a Chaser, and the most important role, Seeker. The teams were split up by grade levels this time -- 7th vs. 8th grade. In both of the rounds, the 8th Graders had defeated 7th Graders by a big blowout 230 - 40!  In the end, it was epic, super fun, unforgettable game!!! Errol, 8th Grade President

Highlands Hunger Games 4: May Magic Be Ever In Your Favor!

This year’s Highlands Hunger Games 4 was definitely the best one yet! The Tributes from each District had a lot of fun and so did the audience and teachers! This year, our school theme “Harry Potter,” and the Hunger Games was combined for super fun, memorable mashup event! During the Parade of Tributes the crowd roared as the Tributes marched proudly for their Districts! Then finally, the moment everyone was waiting for -- the countdown began for each round. 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. And they were off!  Tributes made a run for the Cornucopia and all of the weapons!!! Tributes grabbed what they could -- wands, crossbows, grenades, and the one and only MegaBow! The Rounds were brutal with tons of alliances, backstabbing and so many wand duels! To close the Hunger Games we always end it with the best round of them all -- the Teacher Tribute Round!  Oh, it is the best to watch your teachers running, eliminating, surviving ;)  So many great memories….  In the end, though, the winning team was….. Kui Ka Pono! -Kaia, Assembly Committee Chair