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January 19, 2018

Highlands Leadership Conference 2018

1.... 2.... 3... LEADERS UNITE!!!  The annual Highlands Leadership Conference 2018 featured all 8 Pearl City elementary schools this year: Momilani, Waiau, PCHES, PCES, Manana, Kanoelani, Palisades, and Lehua.  All Pearl City Student Councils united and arrived at the HIS StuCo Room on Friday 1/19/18 to have a day full of learning, fun activities, and memories they’ll never, ever forget!  The purpose of HLC2018 is to teach all the Pearl City Complex Student Councils the meaning of being a leader, to understand their overall role of being a student council leader, and how we can all have fun while learning!  With this conference they all got a ton of incredible ideas for activities, created their StuCo Vision & Mission statements and how they could all achieve a balanced student activities program via the National Student Council Pillars of Voice-Engagement-Leadership-Service.  A side benefit was building a stronger relationship between all the Pearl City Complex Student Councils -- this helps with our goal to provide awesome activities to make school a fun and safe place to learn in the Pearl City Complex.  For this event some of our very own Highlands Student Council members facilitated all the energizers, challenges, and the lessons. We also tried to make sure that everyone felt safe and welcomed all day long ;)  We ended the conference with a challenge to all: about giving 100% in everything we do so that the legacy we leave behind will stand the test of time....  After that final lesson, we said our goodbyes to the elementary school students and advisors, and thanked them for coming.  This was such a fun event to be apart of... Everyone learned so much and didn't want it to end!  We can't wait for what'll be in store for Highlands Leadership Conference 2019 ;)  Skyla, SG Vice-President

December 22, 2017

Happy Holidays from Highlands StuCo!

Christmas is right around the corner and the Christmas spirit is in all of us!  Highlands’ Student Council would like to wish you a very, Merry Christmas or Mele Kalikimaka as we say here on the islands!  We are scrambling to get our Christmas Dance 2017: “Willy Wonka’s Winter Wonderland!”  together as well as balancing our own Student Council Christmas bonding activities.  But, it will all be worth it when we finally see the fruits of our labor and it’s Christmas time here at Highlands and all over the world!  Danni, 8th Grade Vice-President

December 21, 2017

Winter Dance 2017: "Willy Wonka's Winter Wonderland!"

“Oompa…Loompa...Oompa-dee-doo... I see candy, how about you?!? This year’s Winter Dance 2018: “Willy Wonka’s Winter Wonderland!” was sweet, indeed! We had everything your “Pure Imagination” could think of… Like the Fall Dance 2017, food was definitely a popular attraction — who doesn’t like cotton candy, right?!? Inside the dance itself, the Dance Committee transformed the gym into the Candyland scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Giant lollipops, gum drops, and candy canes lined the walls of the gym with the glow of beautiful Christmas lights everywhere to be seen! The highlight off the event was the video dance hosted by Sandbar Entertainment taking place in the middle of the gym! Thanks so much to Mobile Gamer Guys, Mr. Doug at Balloon Productions, Jamba Juice, and the Frozen Fun Mobile for supporting us. We also want to thank the Dance Committee and everyone else who helped make this amazing event possible.  Now, who’s ready for Winter Break?!?  Kaydy, Dance Committee Chairperson

December 19, 2017

Xmas Teacher Appreciation: Coffee & Cocoa Bar!

What's the best way to give back to our teachers while spreading the holiday spirit?  Why, a Xmas Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar of course!  On December 19, the teachers and staff members awaited a special treat in the Front Office as they signed in for the day.  As teachers picked up their morning mail and did their office business, they treated themselves to Starbucks coffee and hot cocoa along with various toppings.  Christmas themed decorations filled the office with cheer!  The teachers and staff also entered in a raffle to win Jamba Juice gift cards, super cool elf hats, and all kinds of Xmas swag!  Holiday treats such as cookies and assorted pastries were also available. You could see the joy on the faces of our teachers and staff members making for such a heart-warming, memorable Xmas activity!  Taylor, 8th Grade President

December 18, 2017

StuCo Xmas Bonding: Gingerbread House Challenge!

3… 2… 1… BUILD!!!! StuCo Xmas Bonding Day 2 activity was our annual Gingerbread House Challenge!  It was so much fun trying to build a freestanding, decorative gingerbread with your friends.  You could tell that everyone was enjoying it because you could see everyone had huge smiles on their faces, they were laughing, and trying to figure out how to make their gingerbread house stay standing! Trying to keep our gingerbread house standing, with a roof on top too was so much harder than we thought!  Next was the fun part -- we added some icing, tons of candy and sprinkles on top.  Congratulations to Team 1 (Bianca, Danni, Sam, Xander, Keilani, and Aubrey) on winning the 2018 Gingerbread House Challenge!!   I hope we can do something like this again because it was really fun...  it was probably one of the most fun student council activities we did so far!   Skyla,  Student Government Vice-President