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October 31, 2016

Halloween Costume Contest 2016

Since when were the Joker and the Mad Hatter in the same universe? Halloween, that’s when! Characters from all kinds of different stories, movies and games came together for our annual Halloween Costume Contest. During this year’s annual Halloween costume contest we had so many crazy participants! Some were dressed scary and some were dressed funny -- it was a variety of costumes. And when the judges couldn't decide a winner, there was an epic dance battle went down to determine the winner! But of course, there can be only one winner -- and that was Fatima and Alex of Hui Mana’o/Order of the Phoenix!! The winners were the very creative with Fatima as a “Bluetooth Fairy” and Alex as the “Social Butterfly.” Congratulations to the following Halloween Costume Contest 2016 winners:
1st place -- 100 sp -- Alex and Fatima (Hui Mana’o)
2nd place -- Caleb and Jenna (Hui Ha’aheo)
3rd place -- Ku I Ka Pono, Pablo and Jihmya (Ku I Ka Pono)
Kaia and Stepanie, Assembly Committee

Halloween Dress Up 2016

Highlands has spirit! Yes we do! We got spirit how about you! Halloween has once again taken Highlands Intermediate by storm! Imagine walking onto a campus full of students with awesome costumes in the spirit of Halloween, with a wide variety of characters everywhere. Congratulations, you have made it to Highlands Intermediate! If you were on campus this past Halloween you would have seen some crazy costumes such as The Joker from the film “Suicide Squad”, to people dressing retro bringing back the past, and a whole lot of scary! Highlands wishes you a Happy Halloween, full of laughs and scares… Josiah, Spirit Committee

October 29, 2016

Highlands Haunted House 5 Cast & Crew

Nearly 600 students, teachers and staff members braved this year's HH5: "The Thing That Should Not Be!" It takes a little army to pull off a haunt like this and I'd like to personally thank all 33 HH5 crew members for putting on our best haunt yet!  As Guides, Cult Members, Shadows, Ghosts, Tentacle Operators, Animatronic Operators, Coffin Shakers, Airzooka and Air Cannon specialists -- job well done! Now, take a bow.... Mr. White, Student Activities Coordinator
Guides (L-R) -- Lia, Robert, Bianca, Danielle, Arielle, Micah, Ahnjeli, Kaia, Lily, Stephanie

Cult Members (L-R) - Thea, Noelani, Kira, Michael, Errol, Silas

Shadows (L-R) - Kaye, Kiley, Tyler, Lacey, Kuhiwa, Jacob, Josiah, Ocean

Special FX (L-R) - Ray, Taylor, Kaylee, Amaia, Tyler, Makai

October 28, 2016

Highlands Haunted House 5 Best Scares

Let’s set the scene…. The instant you step into the haunted house students scream and jump back as they encounter the burning Witch from the finale of last year’s haunt...the one you previously escaped from... the one that is here, now, for YOU!!! . You want to immediately run away but you can’t -- you have no choice but to go through the entire haunt, in the dark, with only your Guide to lead the way. You scramble below the witches’ lair into the sewers and further into the catacombs to get away! It is then you stumble upon a ritual sacrifice -- a young, innocent girl screaming for help! Could this be the old Witch’s daughter? You have no time to think... You hurry past coffins shaking, pleading you for help, and then... the Shadows come.  They just appear out of seemingly nowhere, just standing, watching, waiting, whispering... And finally, after you’ve made it this far, you see the cave entrance only to encounter “The Thing That Should Not Be!”, the great Cthulhu!!! His tentacles flail and lash out at you as you try to escape to the tunnel on the other side of the cliff, to safety, to school, to our beloved Highlands Intermediate! Yes, you are free...for now, until next year! Below are the best pictures taken from hidden places in the dark. Come on, look at it… IF YOU DARE!!!! Errol, 8th Grade Class President

Highlands Haunted House 5: "The Thing That Should Not Be!"

What's better than collecting candy on Halloween? A haunted house of course! The event was hyped for weeks! Just imagine you were there… It’s recess and it’s your team’s turn to enter this year’s much-anticipated haunt. You’re a little nervous -- check that -- really scared... You’re thinking out loud: What am I about to walk into? Will I be able to walk out? “Highlands Haunted 5: The Thing That Should Not Be!” is right in front of you and you are frozen with fright!!!  You walk up to the front table and show your ID to enter. You put on your 3D glasses and get into your group and are paid with a guide. As you walk in, you hear heavy metal music and the shrill screams of all the other students! It terrifies you but makes you more aware to your surroundings because anything could scare you at any time! The witch, the witch's daughter, the sacrifice, those weird moving coffins, and shadows lurking in the darkness... Finally, you get to the end and Cthulhu roars at an ear piercing volume, flailing his tentacles as you try to shoot your crossbow to escape... You run out in fear, knowing you’re finally safe. For now…that is, until next year! Noelani, SG President and Kiley SG Treasurer