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December 22, 2018

Highlands StuCo Christmas Card 2018

Happiest of holidays from all of us to you!  It's been the most amazing year so far and we have so much to grateful for... We thank our awesome parents, teachers, staff, fellow students and Student Council members for allowing us to do what we do!  Merry Christmas, have an amazing 2 week break and we'll see you on the other side of a brand new year in 2019 ;)  

November 29, 2018

6th Grade Orientation

6th Graders from 8 different elementary schools all over the Pearl City District came to Highlands Intermediate over a 2 day span to learn how to become an awesome 7th Grader at Highlands Intermediate! More importantly they got a sample of our Performing Arts Department -- Band, Ukulele and Chorus -- all performing their best and hoping to secure lots of students to register for their electives come January ;)  The 6th Graders then eagerly went on a campus tour with our very own students as HIS Tour Guides. The very last segment of the orientation, 6th Graders were able to ask HIS Student Council members questions about the school or other questions that they had in general in the Q&A segment.. This year’s 6th Grade Orientation was absolutely perfect! I hope that the incoming 7th graders will have a great outcome for their first year of middle school! Kaylee, 8th Grade Secretary

November 21, 2018

Highlands Hunger Games 6: "The Battle for Olympus!"

Highlands Hunger Games 6: “The Battle for Olympus!” made it’s return to Highlands Intermediate 18-19 school year! To begin, a Reaping was conducting live over the bulletin -- where 5 girl and 5 boy tributes were chosen to represent each team in this year’s Hunger Games. Just like the movie, Volunteers were given the opportunity to take the place of Tributes just like Katniss did for her baby sister, Prim.  The days leading up to the Games filled all the students with both anxiety and excitement -- you could feel it all across campus! When the day finally came for HHG6, all students eagerly entered the Gym and they were amazed with the setup and layout of “The Battle for Olympus!”. Ten ancient greek walls were there to help Tributes to dodge bolts or hide from their opponents. In the middle was the cornucopia which is where all the weapons were held: crossbows, grenades, and the fearsome Stratobow! There were 6 Hunger Games Rounds to play…. as soon the buzzer went off, each Tribute would run to the middle for weapons or lay back and wait it out -- a tough decision! As the rounds went and Tributes got eliminated parachutes would be launched from the Sponsors into the playing field providing food and water (also known as 25 spirit points!). You could hear everyone with 100% excitement, cheering for their team, especially if their team Tributes were still alive! To top it all off, we ended HHG6 with the teacher round where 2 teachers challenged the other teams for spirit points and more importantly, glory! Judging from the pictures, this has to have been the craziest, wildest Highlands Hunger Games of them all!   Brittany Ann Nozaki, Assembly Committee

November 20, 2018

Highlands Hunger Games 6 Training Centers

The Highlands Hunger Games 6 Training Center’s purpose is to prepare students that are chosen to be their team’s Tributes through a thorough look at the HHG6 Rules and Weapons. More importantly, each Tribute will get to playtest each weapon, to practice shooting the Crossbow and Stratobow, tossing the Grenades, and also how to put on the gear required of all HHG6 Tributes.  Tributes were split up by grade level as there were 2 days set aside of the 7th and the 8th Grade Tributes, separately. After Mr. White went over the rules with all the Tributes, Student Council members manned 3 stations which were the 1.) Shooting Gallery, 2.) Grenade Alley, and 3.) the Gear. Each rotation lasted about 5 minutes and then everyone switched until they accomplished all 3 areas.  You could the HHG6 Training Centers went over smoothly because at the end, all Tributes were so pumped up for the actual Hunger Games! This is going to be so awesome…. We can’t wait!!! Katelyn, Assembly Committee Co-Chair