Spirit Point Competition! 1st - Fantastic 4 | 2nd - Hui Mana'o | 3rd - Laulima | 4th - Na Koa | 5th - 'Ekahi | 6th - Hui Ha'aheo | 7th - Ho'oko | 8th - Laule'a

September 28, 2016

Q1 Intramural: Dodgeball Mania!

HEADS UP!!!!! Dodgeball mania was a crazy 8 days of fast balls, beaming, and dodging balls left and right!  Grade level teams were battling it out to find the very best and it was heated and as it was intense! After 3 long games of hard work, Hui Mana’o came on top and became the 8th Grade Champion. As for the 7th graders, Fantastic 4 once again swept all the other 7th grade teams. After the grade level champs were decided, it was time to find out who the school champion would be this year… It was a very exciting and nerve-racking game! Were the 8th graders too old and slow or were the 7th graders too young and inexperienced?!? Team Hui Mana’o eventually went undefeated and got yet another victory to become the Highlands Intermediate Dodgeball Champions 2016!!! Even better was the final day of Q1 Intramural Dodgeball -- the annual Teacher All-Stars vs. Student All-Stars Game! Once again, the teachers proved they still got it and the students didn’t stand a chance. Thanks to all the players and coaches for making this kicking off this year’s intramurals with a bang!  Micah, Athletics Chairperson

September 16, 2016

Full Council 1

Full council was a blast! On September 19, 2016, we had a full council meeting. Here, the student representatives took student, team, and school concerns. Now was their time to have their concerns noticed by the Student Government! The representatives got into their respected teams and shared their own classes concerns. Then they had 10 minutes to write down everything on a poster paper so they could present. When they all presented, we noticed a pattern. Everyone wants more AC, more field trips, more time to get to class and things of the sorts.Team Hui Manao even said that teachers don’t get paid enough -- good thinking, Hui Manao! I’m sure all of the teachers at our school really appreciated that! :)  Afterwards, the Student Government will make a meeting with our principal, Ms.Martinson , and take these concerns with us to go see what can be done about them. We can’t wait to see what gets done about these issues! Change is amidst...change is upon us soon!  -Sophia, Student Government President