Spirit Point Competition! 1st - Fantastic 4 | 2nd - Hui Mana'o | 3rd - Laulima | 4th - Na Koa | 5th - 'Ekahi | 6th - Hui Ha'aheo | 7th - Ho'oko | 8th - Laule'a

August 17, 2016

Club & Committee Master Meeting Schedule 16-17

"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" Is Taking Over Highlands Intermediate 16-17 sy!

Listen up, Muggles --"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" is taking over Highlands Intermediate for the 2016-17 sy! For one year only, Highlands will magically transform into Hogwarts school of Magic, teachers turn into professors, and 7th & 8th Graders will now be known as 1st years' and 2nd years', respectively. Each team got to choose their HP Identities based on their finish in last year's Spirit Competition (see below).  Look for tons of HP themed events starting with the Welcome Back Assembly 2016, Spirit Week 2016 (5 days of dress up and activities) ending in this year’s Fall Dance 2016, a HP themed glow in the dark, black light experience!  And that’s just Q1!  In Q2 look for HP-themed Halloween activities, a Highlands first -- after we play Highlands Hunger Games 4 -- we’ll play our first ever Quidditch Cup! We’ll end Q2 with the Winter Dance "Yule Ball" -- a perfect way to the end the quarter, the semester and into Winter Break. And at the end of the year, after all Spirit Points are tallied Professor Dumbledore will award the Highlands Tri-Wizard Cup to the most spirit team.  Who will it be this year?  Just do us a favor -- no Unforgivable Curses, okay?!?

1 - Fantastic 4 — Gryffindor
2 - Hui Mana’o — Order of the Phoenix
3 - Ku I Ka Pono — Slytherin
4 - Na Koa — Ravenclaw
5 - Hui Ha’aheo — Death Eaters
6 - Ho’oko — Dementors
7 - Laule’a — Dumbledore’s Army

August 1, 2016

Welcome Back Wizards & Witches -- 1st Day of 16-17 sy!

“Welcome Back Wizards & Witches...1st Years and 2nd Years...and even you Muggles!” Monday -- August 1, 2016 was the first day of the 2016-2017 school year and the Highlands Student Council welcomed everyone back with banners, posters and lots of loud cheers! Even Mrs. Martinson got in the act and dancing and welcomed everyone with model spirit ;) It was great to see students reuniting with their friends to upbeat music, cheers and energizers -- what a great way to kickoff the year! This is definitely going to be a magical year! Kaia, Assembly Committee Chair