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November 22, 2017

Highlands Hunger Games 5: "War of Justice!"

The War of Justice and the Highlands Hunger Games collided as a mad battle between the 7 Highlands teams and for spirit points and eternal glory! On November 22, 2017, was our annual -- and definitely the best yet -- Highlands Hunger Games 5: “War of Justice!” What better way to start Hunger Games than hearing local talent sing our anthems with their beautiful voices? Graciously singing the National Anthem, Callie Ivy, and singing Hawaii Pono’i, was Keilani Aea-Purnell. We also want to thank our amazing emcee, Mr. Karwiel for delivering so much enthusiasm to the crowd, and help keep the assembly running smoothly. And finally, the Highlands cheerleader’s energy really set the mood and showed lots of Colt spirit! For our 5th time running this exhilarating assembly, we used the usual grenades, crossbows, sponsor parachutes, velcro vests, and goggles, but we added a whole lot of new gear: the 15 shot Stratobow and flag football belts! All 7 Highlands Districts showed their pride with flags, posters, and war paint! There were 6 Hunger Games rounds and 2 Tributes from each District began at their District’s icon equidistantly apart from the Cornucopia… When the countdown hit zero, adrenaline rushed as all 14 Tributes desperately ran to the Cornucorpia or hid and waited the carnage out. In addition to all the chaos on the ground, Sponsors shot 5 parachutes, 1 per minute, into the area; each parachute = 25 spirit points! The winner -- the sole survivor -- of each round received 100 spirit points, or after 5 minutes, the points were split between the survivors. This year, District B -- Hui Mana’o took the prize for most spirit points with 250!! Congratulations to all the Tributes and thank you to all the performers -- we simply can’t wait for Highlands Hunger Games 6!!! Jenna, Assembly Committee Chairperson

November 21, 2017

Hunger Games 5 Training Centers

The Hunger Games Training Center was a great opportunity for the 7th and 8th Tributes to get a taste of what they'll be doing in the actual Highlands Hunger Games come Wednesday -- November 22, 2017. The Hunger Games Training Center took place in the Student Council Room and it was loaded with fun weapons and other surprises!  The room was awesomely decorated with walls -- both in the theme of Hunger Games and Gotham City -- and a fully loaded shooting range! Student Council members helped with all 3 Training Center areas: shooting range, grenade toss, and capture the flag. The Tributes looked like they had so much fun as was evidenced by the excitement and wonder on their faces! Being a part of the hunger games training center was an amazing experience for both the Tributes and the Trainers ;)  Keilani, Assembly committee Chairperson

November 20, 2017

Highlands Hunger Games 5 Play Test

The Highlands Hunger Games 5: “War of Justice!” was an awesome SUCCESS!!!! But how would we know what flaws were made and what we could improve on? By conducting a play test, of course! On Tuesday, November 11,  Highlands Student Council members came down to the StuCo Room to play test this year’s version of the Hunger Games early in the morning. Two teams were split up with half of us play testing and half of us being referees and launching the parachutes. The first thing most Tributes do is make alliances with other Tributes -- strategy! Regardless, most ended up in the corners to protect themselves from getting shot and bide their time in order to make a break for it! And whenever the parachutes were launched into the arena, everyone ran towards them for extra points! Eventually, the first round ended (probably the most boring, hahaha) and the second round began by having the groups playing switch out with the people referring the game. By contrast, the second round went by sooo fast as people knew what little time we had left resulting in no alliances being made.  Tributes went complete savage until the starting bell of the day rung, which concluded our play test for the Highlands Hunger Games 5!  In the end, we concluded that we needed to just play with 1 flag hanging like a tail on the back side of each Tribute as opposed to two flags hanging on either side which was way too easy for Tributes to get eliminated. We also got to learn our roles better and as a result we will have a better game and an even better assembly!  Merrick, Athletics Committee Chairperson

November 19, 2017

Service Project: Ko Olina Thanksgiving Outreach

Highland’s Student Council joyously celebrated the Thanksgiving spirit by giving back to those less fortunate at Pearl City’s Community Church on Saturday, November 17, 2017. The incredible day was filled with so much happiness as Highlands Student Council members seated and served delicious Thanksgiving meals to those who needed it most. So much bonding came out of this experience and we all felt a bit closer to not only our peers, but also to the people we helped out. This service project will never be forgotten, and surely not the last of it’s kind! Thank you again to those who made this delightful event possible….and we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Samantha Sumstine, Dance Committee Chairperson