Spirit Point Competition! 1st - Fantastic 4 | 2nd - Hui Mana'o | 3rd - Laulima | 4th - Na Koa | 5th - 'Ekahi | 6th - Hui Ha'aheo | 7th - Ho'oko | 8th - Laule'a

May 23, 2017

7th Grade Class Day

Talent Show, Teacher vs Student Trivia, Giant Waterslides, and a Mini Carnival!  What would be a better way to end the year than a huge, fun event for the 7th Grade Class.  7th Grade Class Day took place on May 23rd while the 8th graders went to banquet.  It started off with a talent show, showcasing four singing, dancing, and musical performances.  After that, all 7th grade students and teachers participated in the Teacher vs Students game where they would answer questions on various subjects, which the students won.  Several teachers and staff also sung and danced in a surprise performance of 24k Magic.  Later on, students alternated between participating in the water slide or carnival activities.  Several waterslides were set up in the parking lot and teachers and students alike had a blast.  The mini carnival at the gym consisted of games like a Ring Toss, Fidget Spinner Throw, Mini Putt, and Wheel of Fortune.  All in all, 7th Grade Class Day was a massive success that we will all miss as 8th Graders. Taylor Ann, 7th Grade Council Member

8th Grade Banquet

May 22, 2017

Intramural Champions Party 2017

Pizza, Ice pops, Juice, and Chips! What does that sound like? Well yes, it does sound like a party, doesn’t it?!? But, not any party  -- it’s the Intramural Champions Party 2017! All students that participated in an intramural championship team were invited to a party celebrating their big accomplishment. Never done before, team Hui Mana’o won 3 out of the 4 \ intramurals -- an intramural hat trick -- and Fantastic 4 won the other. Each team leader received a perpetual trophy for their sport so their coaches can now have bragging rights for an entire year!. Hui Mana’o won an amazing 3 intramurals and now holds the Dodgeball, Kickball, and Basketball trophies, making all the other teams so very jealous. Fantastic 4 holds the soccer trophy hoping to gain more trophies in the new future. Every student had a blast at the celebration as they ate pizza and hung out celebrating their accomplishments. Micah, Athletics Chairperson

May 19, 2017

Fun Friday 2 -- The Final Lunch Activity of the Year!

Due to popular demand, we brought back our April Fun Friday event as a grand finale lunch activity to end to this awesome school year, May 19, 2017 the Spirit Committee ran Fun Friday 2 with face-to-face, team vs. team competitions with games like Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, and we also brought back Dodgeball Duel with 2 courts which resulted in some really heated competition within teams to earn those very last spirit points! To top it all off, we introduced our Farewell Wheel of Fortune where we gave away a ton of giant inflatables, summertime leis and glasses, floaties and of course, more spirit points. All in all, this year’s final lunch activities was the icing on the cake to an already amazing, can’t be duplicated year.  Great job to all the students in working hard to play harder ;)  All the spirit points will be tabulated and we’ll have a final Highlands Spirit Point Tally 16-17 to share with all of you in a couple of days…  Josiah, Spirit Committee Chairperson

May 18, 2017

Farewell Video 2017

“Lights, camera, action!” The end of the year is here and why not say your final goodbyes and your words of wisdom?!? The Farewell Video 2017 represented exactly that and the students and teachers of Highlands got to represent their teams and say their final goodbyes and celebrating such an amazing school year! Especially touching was having our own Ms. Zoller -- who is retiring this year -- and Mr. Armstrong give their final farewells to everyone!  Try not to tear up when you watch the Farewell Video 2017…  Lacey, StuCo Historian

May 17, 2017

Service Project: Sending to Our Soldiers

Atten Hut! As a part of our National Student Leadership Week 2017 (#NSLW2017), Dance Committee was tasked with creating something for the betterment of our world. The activity? A care package drive, named “Sending To Our Soldiers”! For 2 weeks, tons of donations came rolling in from all over campus, and it couldn’t have turned out better! In honor of Armed Forces Day on Saturday, May 20, 2017, the donations will be shipped out to soldiers in war zones all across the world. Thank you very much to everyone that donated something to “Sending To Our Soldiers!” - Ahnjeli, Dance Committee Chairperson

May 12, 2017

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Breakfast 2017

On the morning of May 12, 2017, the Highlands Cafeteria was filled with music, floaties of all sizes and colors, and lots and lots of leis! Teachers were greeted with hugs and high fives and Teacher Appreciation Booklets that the students made for them! Once inside, all of our awesome Highlands teachers and staff were treated to IHOP pancakes, Starbucks coffee, Big City Diner fried rice, and fruit and donuts from the Tugaoen Ohana! Sounds yummy, yeah?!? All of the the teachers, got the chance to win sunglasses, real leis, and floaties during the teacher raffle!  There were lots of laughs and smiles all that morning and they would carry on throughout the day. I think that that breakfast was well-deserved and I know for sure that all the teachers and staff feel a lot more appreciated now :)))  Big thanks to our community event sponsors: Big City Diner Pearlridge, Starbucks Pearlridge, and IHOP Pearl City!!!! Noelani, Student Government President