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October 23, 2019

Chicken Skin Tales 5 w/ Special Guest Lopaka Kapanui!

The week before Halloween, everyone crammed into the library hoping that they would have a fun and memorable time... Let’s just say that it was very memorable, but definitely not fun! On Wednesday, October 23, we had a very special guest -- Lopaka Kapanui! He is one of Hawaii’s most famous storytellers and every time leaves his audience with “Chicken Skin.”  For more than a decade, he has led after-dark ghost tours around the island of Oahu and has written several best-selling books such as "Haunted Hawaiian Nights", "The Legend of Morgan's Corner and other Ghost Stories of Hawai'i", and "Mysteries of Honolulu." Students gathered in the library, decorated with Halloween inflatables and glow in the dark decorations, for a chance to listen to native Hawaiian storyteller, Lopaka Kapanui, share some of his amazing and unbelievable experiences with paranormal events. Lopaka had the entire sold-out audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire time! The energy in the room was overwhelming!!! People were shocked and frightened, but at the same time extremely entertained. Lopaka's eerie storytelling voice and self made sound effects paired with the effect of our decor set the mood perfectly for this chilling experience. The best part of the event was at the grand finale, climax of his last story that no doubt left everyone with "chicken skin" as advertised! Abby & Kierynn, 8th Grade Council